Life Terra is a brand of Arkemys Invest A.Ş. company based in Istanbul aiming at developing Real Estate & Investment solutions in the most transparent and efficient way in Turkey. 

Life Terra is a symbol for the life we find in Terra, the "earth", and how we profoundly need to return to true values and respect Nature. 

We envision to “Value Life in Earth” and nurture an offering to help our Customers to find a balance between Human development and the protection of Nature. 

We, at Life Terra, are committed to optimize the overall return on investment on all our projects and also propose peaceful places and meaningful Real Estate Properties for themselves and their family. 

Durability and Quality in all Projects for Life Terra are the most important criteria and our experts will guide our Customers in every step of the way. 

We deliver Real Estate Solutions to Foreign Investors and Turkish Expats around the globe to guide them in their investment choices in Turkey. 

We also support our Corporate Clients for their investments in various sectors in the country, either in Energy, Healthcare, Agriculture or Services.